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The Bible Story for this session is: Jesus calls the disciples.


It can be found in the Bible in Luke 5 v 1-11. 


Click on this symbol to read

the verses for yourself:

Session 1

God Loves Me!

Main Session



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Craft Videos

Most of the crafts require coloured pens or pencils.

Templates can be found in the activity booklets.

Heart Hands Craft

with Jess

You will need:

- Scissors

- White paper

Make a Hawaiian Leis

with Katy

You will need:

- Scissors

- Coloured paper

- String

Make a 3D Sea Craft

with Beth

You will need:

- Scissors

- Glue

- Ruler

- Blue card (or white card coloured blue)

- White card

Please ask an adult to help you before using scissors

Memory Verse

'I have loved you

with an everlasting love...'

Jeremiah 31 v 3

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Under 5s Story & Song

Hi Under 5s!

Watch the main video at 10am, then watch this special video

just for you, with story and singing.

They will be here all week so you can watch it as many times as you like!

Here are the words to the Treasure Chest song (tune: Row, row):


Here’s a little wooden chest, what treasure could it hide?
Stories of old more precious than gold, let’s take a look inside!


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