(1 Samuel 3)

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  • Hannah had been wanting a child for a very long time.  Finally she cried out to God and said that if God gave her a son that she would thank God by giving him back to God.

  • Hannah had a son, called Samuel.  When he was old enough he went to live in the temple with the priest Eli.  

  • God had a message for Eli but Eli wasn't listening so he spoke to Samuel instead and asked him to pass it on.

  • I always think this story is a bit funny with Samuel leaping out of bed and running to Eli!  But the message he passed on wasn't funny at all, it was very serious.

  • Do you find it easy to hear from God?

  • Talk about the different ways we might hear from God (see the 'Pray' activity if you're not sure).

  • Sometimes grown ups are too busy and surrounded by too much noise to hear God's voice.  This story shows that God speaks to all sorts of different people.

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Do: Do something together

Pray: A creative prayer response

Share: Do/make something that will impact your family or community

Create: Make or build something (not a craft)

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