David & Jonathan

David & Jonathan

(1 Samuel 18-20)

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  • David and Jonathan were really good friends.  Do you have a really good friend?  What do you like doing together?

  • Why was David in the palace in the first place?

  • How did Jonathan rescue David?

  • Do you think it was difficult for him to do that?

  • Have you ever needed to help a friend who was in difficulty?

  • Who would you turn to if you needed help?

  • Proverbs 17 verse 17 says 'A friend loves at all times...'

  • This week think about how you can show your friends how much you appreciate them.

  • Thank Jesus for being such a good friend to you.

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Do: Do something together

Pray: A creative prayer response

Share: Do/make something that will impact your family or community

Create: Make or build something (not a craft)

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