(Exodus 14:10-31)

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  • Have a chat together about the beginning part of Moses' story.  What happened to him?  Why was he far away from Egypt?

  • Why do you think God called Moses to be the leader when he'd messed up so much?

  • The Israelites were slaves in Egypt.  How do you think they were feeling?

  • Finally Pharaoh let them go!  But as they were leaving Egypt the Egyptians chased after them.  Suddenly they were trapped between the Egyptian army and the sea.  How do you think they are feeling now?  How is Moses feeling?

  • The Bible verse for this week is the words God speaks to Moses:

  • 'The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.’ (Exodus 14:14)

  • What do you think God meant?

  • God parted the see and made a way through, even though it looked impossible!  Their response at the other end was to worship God.  This week we are thinking about being thankful.  See if you can think of things to be thankful for this week.

  • Spend time praying that God would be with you in this time of change, just like he was with the Israelites.

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Do: Do something together

Pray: A creative prayer response

Share: Do/make something that will impact your family or community

Create: Make or build something (not a craft)

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