Naaman's Servant

Naaman's Servant

(2 Kings 5)

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  • Naaman was the commander of King Aram's army.  But he had a terrible skin disease.

  • Do you know what it's called?

  • There's treatment for that now, but in Bible times there wasn't and Naaman was sick.

  • Naaman's wife had a servant girl who had been taken from Israel to work for them.  She knew that God's prophet Elisha would be able to pray for him and heal him so she spoke up.

  • Why was a servant girl speaking up like that a brave thing to do?

  • What did Elisha tell Naaman to do?

  • Bit weird isn't it?!  But did it work?

  • The servant girl helped Naaman but she didn't have to.  How do you help other people?

  • Ask God to help you to see when people need help and to be brave enough to help them.

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