(Judges 4)

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  • Deborah was a judge.  In Bible times a judge was a leader of the people who helped them when they had to make important decisions and settle arguments.

  • Deborah sent her soldier Barak to fight Sisera but Barak was afraid.

  • Can you remember what Barak asked Deborah to do?

  • Deborah agreed to go with him but she said that Sisera would be defeated by a woman, not by Barak.

  • Have you ever had to do something brave and you just needed someone to come with you and help you?

  • If so, who went with you?

  • We sometimes call that 'walking alongside' someone.  They are going through a tough time and we're just being there for them when they need us.  It's a really important thing to do.

  • Pray for all the people you are supporting at the moment and that God would help you to do it.

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Do: Do something together

Pray: A creative prayer response

Share: Do/make something that will impact your family or community

Create: Make or build something (not a craft)

Deborah tree craft

Deborah sword craft

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